Editorial Policy

Last updated: August 14, 2020

Dice and Mice (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates the Dice and Mice website (the “Service”).

Dice and Mice publishes features, guides, news, product reviews and other original journalism, criticism and analysis of the gaming hobby with a special focus on tabletop board games. This coverage includes both written and visual content on the Dice and Mice website.

This page informs you of our editorial policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information.

Here’s how we approach features, guides and news:

Features, Guides and News

We write about features, create guides and report newsworthy items as we see them, and strive to be fair, accurate and comprehensive in our reporting. Our content may express a point of view on a story, but will always uphold our standards of honesty, transparency and value to the reader.

Our features, guides and news items are reviewed on a regular basis and are often updated with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, or supplemented by a follow-up story as necessary. If you believe you have something to add to a feature, guide or news item we have reported, please contact us.

If you contact us, we will respect the request of any sources to remain anonymous. Any information provided confidentially will be verified with additional sources before publication. Absolutely no sources will be paid for information.

We will always provide clear and prominent attribution when reporting on information from another publication, including a link to the original source.

Approved images and videos from photographers and/or videographers and other sources will be appropriately credited.

Here’s how we review products: 


In the game industry, pre-production versions of unreleased games are sometimes made available to reviewers before commercial distribution. We will only accept samples of games, accessories or other products when necessary to create a review or otherwise discuss features of the game itself. We will identify pre-production versions, and receive information on the final product from the manufacturer, distributor or publisher in order to make the differences as transparent as possible for you, our readers.

We will not publish a review of a game that does not reflect the final retail product or version, but we may use such versions to produce images, videos, teasers or other content.

If a member of our team helps to crowdfund a game or has otherwise financially supported a publisher, designer or manufacturer in the past, we will disclose funding details or relationships in our effort to be accurate, free of personal conflict, impartial and truthful in all of our reviews.

Here’s how we handle our relationships: 

Professional relationships with publishers and other companies

Occasionally, we travel to certain events in order to provide full coverage of such events for Dice and Mice. If such travel or accommodation is in any part provided by a publisher, designer, manufacturer, publicist or public relations agency, we will disclose as such. 

In the game industry, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) or press embargoes are standard practice. If we enter into those agreements, we will be required to release our content after a certain time or date. We only agree to those agreements when we are certain that those agreements will not interfere with our ability to cover certain companies, games, events, individuals or organizations. Dice and Mice staff and contributors do not and will not function as paid consultants for publishers, designers or other game creators. 

Here’s how we handle advertising: 


Any sponsored content that appears on Dice and Mice’s website will be disclosed. We sometimes link to retailers such as Amazon using affiliate links, from which we may receive some money. When present in content, these links will be expressed using impartial language. Affiliate links have no influence on editorial content or coverage.

All content that appears on the Dice and Mice website and any associated channels  is at the discretion of our editorial team and strives to uphold the standards set out above.

Thanks for reading our content. We’re happy to have you. 

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